Friday, March 28, 2014

Webmaker Session @ JITS

Hello Everyone!!

I am here to share the experience regarding the Webmaker event in my college. An enthusiastic Mozillian , Sai Sharan who have been contributing to Mozilla from the past few months as an FSA was very much excited to speak regarding the Webmaker tools with his fellow students.

On 20th of March, Jayamukhi Firefox Club, had organized an event in JITS. we had a kick-off start with Sai Sharan who is very enthusiastic in sharing his experiences as an FSA.

He Started with the FSA program and then with the Webmaker Project explaining about the thimble, popcorn and hackasaurus tools. Later, it was my turn to make the session interactive.

I just asked them to share,what they learnt from the previous session, a girl stood and spoke about the tools, and said its really very awesome to create webpages. The students who attended were from 2nd year and they were listening to HTML and CSS for the first time and they felt like "Ooh is it so easy to create webpages?? " I said yes!!!

Then, i started with some normal questions, so what you want to do for mozilla ?? how  u want to contribute to mozilla?? they were all silent, thats what they were lacking "Awareness"

So, i just started with the basic thing,,,What Mozilla is ?? What is Open Source?? How we can start contributing to open source?? What are the benefits if they work for open source commmunities??So,all these questions, i  put them on Board and started explaining one by one.

Later, i started speaking about various projects in mozilla like the Localization,Add-on Development, Web Development, Webmaker and many more. Here comes, the webmaker again. So, i asked again so now u know what the projects are and how u can be a part of them. 

Now, i can see the enthusiasm in their faces,i could see the girls count more and so i decided to speak about the womoz project to them, So,i started with the Womoz Session, by encouraging them to come out of the fear,myths and all that they cant do this or that. After speaking about Womoz, i told them to come on the dais and speak about something or just share your experiences,again i can see no one is coming forward to speak. Then, i said, this is what the thing that stops you coming forward. Suddenly, they realized and started coming to dais and started speaking about their experience of the session.

                                         First girl to come forward and speak

              Now, we can see one by one coming on to the dais and sharing their experience.

I was really very happy if girls were encouraged, then can do anything!! They were happy to be a part of this session and they want to learn more in the future.

Then, i gave the urls for getting updated with the social networking sites, told them to add them in Official Facebook Group Mozilla India and Mozilla Club Warangal and also told them to follow on Google+ and Twitter. 

Next, we are planning for an hands-on session, so that they can create,remix and hack the webpages and also create videos using the popcorn maker. 

Apart from that Jayamukhi Firefox Club is planning for 
1) Localization Day - Which we will be focussing on Localization Project
2) SUMO Day- We will be focussing on SUMO Projects 
3) Firefox OS App Day- for making aware of firefox os apps and make them develop apps.

Finally, after the discussion, we concluded with a group snap. 

Finally i was very happy for seeing the interest in the students, hope we will get more contributors in different projects.

Photos can be found here

Ajay Kumar Jogawath
FSA and Club Lead @ Jayamukhi Firefox Club

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

FSA's Maker Party - Bits and Bytes Institute, Warangal

Hello Everyone!!!

Now, i came with another successful  event i.e., FSA's Maker Party.

This event was planned on March 9th 2014.

Reps Portal Link :

Webmaker Event Link :

Facebook Event Page Link :

As recently, we had inaugurated a Firefox Club in Balaji Institute of Engineering Sciences, the mozilla fever was on, and students of BIES club were enthusiastic in learning more about the mozilla. The event started at 10:00 am when Mozilla Reps Hema Bhanu Started with a Kickoff session including the topics like how to get involved in mozilla, then FSA and then womoz for girls.

Then it was time to start with the webmaker session, as many of them just know that webmaker is a project of mozilla to create webpages, videos and hack webpages, but they did not have hands on experience with them. So, i started giving Demo's on Thimble , Popcorn and x-ray goggles one after the other.

After showing the demo's on Webmaker tools i asked them to form a group of 4-5 members as we dont have laptops with everyone and then we told them to create their own webpages or remix the templates present in the Website 

Later, they started creating makes by forming group. 

 BIES Club Team 

  KU Firefox Club and Team

 Sai Sharan and Vijay Martha 

Bala  and Team 

We gave them half an hour time after the completion of demo and then we closed the entries of the makes in the etherpad. 

The following are the makes which we got in this event. 

I really felt very happy that the maker party turned out to be a productive one with lots of makes with creative thoughts. Later Nikhil from Sathyabhama Firefox Club told about their Kidzilla Project. Some FSA's from Jayamukhi Firefox Club already do some activities by going to school and teach the students of the School, so they asked Nikhil how they can be helpful to join in Kidzilla Project as they are already aware of the school children's understanding towards the technology and the web. 

After completion of Kidzilla Project, then we selected the best three makes and awarded them with webmaker tees, also we have some stickers of webmaker and distributed them to all the attendees of the Event. 

Students receiving the mozilla webmaker tee. 
Sangamithra receiving the webmaker tee from the hands of Institute owner Mr.Sadashiva. 

BIES Team also made an awesome make and got a Webmaker tee

 Later, Sai Sharan, who was an active FSA from Jayamukhi Firefox Club as well as mozilla club warangal did a popcorn video and awarded with webmaker tee. After, this we had a feedback session, where we got really an awesome response from all the students. 

Some said " I never utilized the weekend, this is for the first time, i have gained much knowledge in short time"
One more girl said " She never knew that making webpages and creating Videos with pop-ups is such easy "
and we also got many feedbacks and i was really feeling very happ for this. 

 An interactive feedback session with the attendees, which was very positive and now the webmaker events are live and we have an awesome venue with systems and internet too, so we will be back with more awesome maker parties. Its time for webmakers to rock. 

And Yea!!! now, time for a group photo with a success event. 

I thank Mr. Sadashiva sir for giving permission to do this event in their premises and my friends Hemanth, Bhargav, Hema for their continuous support for organizing this events. 
I thank Namu Srikanth, Mozilla Rep and Nikhil Patel for giving a session on Kidzilla.
Finally, thanks everyone, i am very happy to be a part of webmaker project. 

More Images  can be found on Flickr  here 

Ajay Kumar Jogawath, 
FSA, Club Lead,
Jayamukhi Firefox Club,
Webmaker, L10n, SUMO 
Proud to be a Mozillian

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Inauguration of Firefox Club - KITS Firefox Club (KFC)

Hello Everyone!!!

This Blogpost is about my experience during the inauguration of Firefox Club at Kakatiya Institute of Technological Sciences. This was the output of the meetup Mozilla Meetup with KITS Students Where new mozillians like Pujith, Spoorthy, Keerthi, Indraneel, Anusha and Satheesh took the initiative of Starting a Firefox Club in their College.

This Inauguration Started with the Speech of  Head of Department, Dr. P. Niranjan. The talk was amazing made us get inspired.

After Inuaguration, it was Hema Bhanu's turn to speak about Open Source, FOSS and its importance and then started about mozilla and its projects. Later talked about WoMoz.

Girls became enthusiastic by listening to WoMoz Session and that happens everywhere.
After Hema, Sudheesh grabbed a white board and started explaining all the geeky stuff. From data structures to projects available in Mozilla everything was covered by him. The best part was that he helped the students to relate what they have learnt so far to the needs of the industry. His talk on firefox and bugzilla was definitely a piece of cake.

Then it was my turn to speak about the Firefox Student Ambassador Program. I told about the activities that an FSA should do and the projects that they can get involved as an FSA.

And then a girl asked we as electronics student, how can we contribute to Mozilla, then i answered by starting with Webmaker Project because we need not to know any programming language for this.
Because Webmaker provides basic templates where everything is very easily documented so that even school children can understand the basic tags in html. The, told about the Webmaker tools i.e., Thimble,Popcorn and x-ray goggles using which we can make some cool stuff. It was nice interating with the students.

After completion of sessions, we had a feedback session where all the students spoke positive about the sessions, that made us very happy.  Later we have distributed swags by asking some questions regarding the session.
After Swag Distribution, we then had a group picture.

After group photo, everyone left and then we had the group photo with the organizing team of event and the new mozillians and my fellow Mozillians Hemanth , Bhargav and Hema 

Now,students from various colleges are requesting us to come to their college and inaugurate a club. This is really one of the best moments when we are requested to come to their college as a mozilla representative and told to speak about mozilla. This year has been very good to me because from right from January when we made the Action Plan 2014, and i am happy that we are moving as per the Mozilla Action Plan 2014 by getting more and more contributors from engineering colleges all over the city. Thanks Sai Kiran , Sudheesh , Meraj Imran and Hema Bhanu for always supporting me and Hemanth and Bhargav for always being with me.

Awaiting for the Inauguration of Firefox Club in Balaji Institute of Engineering Sciences on March 4th 2014. Yahoo!!!

Images of Flickr : Flickr Photos

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath,
Club Lead, Jayamukhi Firefox Club,
Proud to be a Mozillian.


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