Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mozilla Warangal Community Meetup

Hello Everyone!!!

This time, i have organized a Community Meetup with Warangal Mozillians, where are all the active and core contributors are invited to make the future planning of Mozilla Warangal.

First we have an introductory session, where all the attendees have introduced to everyone. Later, i gave the clear idea of the reason why we all have gathered.

The Main aim of this meetup was to boost up all the existing mozillians in the community as well as recruiting new contributors. From the past events going on in Jayamukhi Firefox Clubs and Mozilla Club BIES, students from other colleges have been requesting us to inaugurate Firefox Clubs in their colleges. So,but there is no particular team and everyone is contributing in random projects. So, i have made four teams and assigned one mentor for each team so that the mentor will be guiding the new contributors in the particular project.

As per todays discussion, the teams and the team mentors are

[1] Localization   - Santhosh Mediga
[2] SUMO            - Bala Subramaniyam
[3] Webmaker     - Sai Sharan Amaravadhi
[4] Firefox Apps - Nithin Reddy Ganji

The Selection has been made based on their past contributions and their knowledge on the particular project. These Guys will be helping the existing as well as the new contributors for their involvement and contribution in the particular Project.

Later, discussed about the IRC Meetings, and the mentor is responsible for organizing an IRC meeting atleast once in a month to encourage new contributors as well as helping the existing contributors. Since we have four projects, every week , we will have one IRC meeting on one topic.

Also fixed some issues on club activties, vouching profiles and swag & budget requests for small events. Looking forward for qualitative contributions from the new Crew :)

More news can be seen on etherpad :

Pictures can be seen on Flickr here :

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Mozilla Representative

Monday, August 18, 2014

Maker Party @ Gangadevipally

An amazing experience which i felt this week was the "MozRide" to a village i.e., Gangadevipally. Here, me along with Meraj Imran ( Mozilla Reps ) and Hitesh Kumar ( Mozillian) planned to organize an event Maker Party in a Villlage which is one of the best villages in India and it has been awarded as the Model Village. There is 90% of literacy, no alcohol consumption, 100% children going schools, no child labor, purified drinking water at a very low price etc.

 This was actually a 2 day event with a train the trainers event where the mozillians were trained how to host a maker party and how they can be a part of mozilla by contributing to different projects.

                                               MozRide to a Village - Gangadevipally

Me, Imran and Hitesh have trained the new people who joined the program upon Importance of Open Source and the Open Web, Mission of Mozilla and Web Maker Project, different ways to contribute to Mozilla, How to host Maker Parties, Web Maker tools, event guides to plan and host Maker Parties themselves. First day was very productive. All the newbie’s who joined us Day 1 are now in a stage to host Maker Parties on their own. All are satisfied with the training.

                                  You can see the foxes are ready to host maker parties
Second day was the Maker Party. We all were set and were very excited to host the event. Gram Sarpanch (A head of the village) has inaugurated the program. Many people of the village have joined us in the event. Children, farmers, Bank Officials, teachers, House wives were all the part of Maker Party. 

First Imran have given a brief Introduction to all the people about who we are, what we do as part of Mozilla and how we do. We have made four different stalls where our awesome mozillians were present to give awareness on Open Source, Internet, Open Web, Net Neutrality and Mozilla to the people and the rest of the event was showing them live about what Internet is, how to use the web using Firefox Browser.

Ofcourse, it was a village and we cannot find the internet over there and what we did is?  we used paper prototypes – we made a prototype to describe about internet, we used charts to describe about html tags. The second day of the event was also a great success.


Finally we took feedback from the villagers and gave a momento on behalf of Mozilla Warangal. People felt so happy for sharing the knowledge with them.

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Mozilla Reps
Webmaker Super Mentor

MozCoffee V 1.0

Hello Everyone!!!!

After Joining the Mozilla Reps Program, i was feeling very much excited and enthusiastic and wanted to know like how many mozillians from the community " Mozilla Club Warangal" are active and contributing to mozilla. So, i thought of organizing a MozCoffee and named it as
" MozCoffee V 1.0 " [1].

Dyvik Chenna, a Mozilla Reps from Hyderabad was also in warangal and he also joined the MozCoffee. The day before MozCoffee i was with Dyvik and Bhargav ( Mozillian ) and we were discussing about the communities and sharing the works we do in our communities.

Later, we discussed about the problems faced by the community members in general for being active only during event and then disappear. All our ideas were included in the Etherpad [2].

So, MozCoffee started with around 20 members and started with introduction from attendees.

Dyvik Started by introducing himself and then asked the mozillians to introduce themselves.

Dyvik Started with the Agenda that we have planned. The topics included were
1) Community
3)Event Marketing
4)Firefox OS

Dyvik spoke on each of the topic and made them clearly understand to them that how a community works and the kind of projects different people work depending upon their interests. I was documenting the views of mozillians who are not able to contribute to mozilla even they know it from the past 1+ year.

After Dyvik, i started focussing on divide and conquer rule. Like, the one who wants to work for localization form a team, similar with Firefox Apps, Webmaker, SUMO and other projects.They felt this as the best idea. We also had 8 womoz from the Mozilla Warangal now, who are ready to speak and contribute to mozilla,open source. This was the result of Womoz Warangal'14 organized 2 weeks back. Later, concluded by saying that we will have regular offline and online meetups to make the community members more and more involved in different projects of mozilla. 

[1] Event Link on Reps Portal :

[2] Etherpad Link :

[3] Flickr Link :

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath,
Mozilla Reps

Friday, August 15, 2014

Indian Independence Make Day

Hello Everyone!!!
Firstly Wishing you a very very independence to you all :)

Event Name : Indian Independence Make Day
Reps Portal Link :
Webmaker Portal Link :!/events/4935 
Date : 15th August 2014
Venue : Mozilla IRC  -  #WebmakerIndia

Theme of this Event :

Mozilla India came with an idea of hosting  an online maker party to make, learn, teach and share about our Indian culture, history, diversity and every thing that we are proud of.

The Event started at 3:00 PM in the afternoon and i could see many the enthusiasm of many mozillians in creating the makes about the independence day themes.Mozillians collaborated using together.js to create the makes on independence day.

I have collaborated with Hemanth Vidyamari, a Webmaker Mentor from Mozilla Club Warangal and remixed an existing make using together.js. Its really fun collaborating with it. This are the makes we did.


I thank Mozilla India and Ankit Gadgil for organizing these IRC Maker Parties which are really helpful in learning how to create and remix makes in less time.

Flick Link :

Ajay Kumar Jogawath,
Mozilla Reps < >
Webmaker Super Mentor  < >


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