Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mozilla Warangal Community Meetup

Hello Everyone!!!

This time, i have organized a Community Meetup with Warangal Mozillians, where are all the active and core contributors are invited to make the future planning of Mozilla Warangal.

First we have an introductory session, where all the attendees have introduced to everyone. Later, i gave the clear idea of the reason why we all have gathered.

The Main aim of this meetup was to boost up all the existing mozillians in the community as well as recruiting new contributors. From the past events going on in Jayamukhi Firefox Clubs and Mozilla Club BIES, students from other colleges have been requesting us to inaugurate Firefox Clubs in their colleges. So,but there is no particular team and everyone is contributing in random projects. So, i have made four teams and assigned one mentor for each team so that the mentor will be guiding the new contributors in the particular project.

As per todays discussion, the teams and the team mentors are

[1] Localization   - Santhosh Mediga
[2] SUMO            - Bala Subramaniyam
[3] Webmaker     - Sai Sharan Amaravadhi
[4] Firefox Apps - Nithin Reddy Ganji

The Selection has been made based on their past contributions and their knowledge on the particular project. These Guys will be helping the existing as well as the new contributors for their involvement and contribution in the particular Project.

Later, discussed about the IRC Meetings, and the mentor is responsible for organizing an IRC meeting atleast once in a month to encourage new contributors as well as helping the existing contributors. Since we have four projects, every week , we will have one IRC meeting on one topic.

Also fixed some issues on club activties, vouching profiles and swag & budget requests for small events. Looking forward for qualitative contributions from the new Crew :)

More news can be seen on etherpad :

Pictures can be seen on Flickr here :

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Mozilla Representative

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