Tuesday, August 18, 2015

MozCoffee Warangal

Hello Everyone!

How are you all ? Hope you are doing good. This Post is about the recent Meetup "MozCoffee Warangal" Organized on August 9th 2015.

MozCoffee Warangal Badge

                    MozCoffee Warangal Badge
MozCoffee Warangal is a gathering of mozillians from Warangal to discuss about the future plans of the Mozilla Warangal Community with the existing contributors. Recruiting FSA's mozillians and Firefox Clubs will be the main goal of this meet apart from the maker party event.

Event Link : https://reps.mozilla.org/e/mozcoffee-warangal/

Venue : Jagruthi e Learning Center, 2nd Floor, GMR & GS Complex, Kishanpura, Hanamkonda, Warangal, Telangana, India.

The Meetup Started at 2:00 PM with eight attendees. 3 of them were very new and it was their first meetup. I started introducing myself and then introducing the attendees to everyone. We all had a quick intro session. After the intro, i introduced the Open Source, Mozilla, its Mission, Projects and Products.
Ajay Speaking on Open Source, Mozilla and its mission, Projects and Products
                                                                       Ajay Speaking on Open Source, Mozilla and its mission, Projects and Products
Later, i spoke on the FSA Project and told them about forming a Firefox Club and how to organize activities in their club. Three attendees from KITSW Fox Club are already doing a great job and they have organized an event named KitZilla'15 in their Campus.

Tracy from KITS Fox Club Speaking on the Next Plans of their Club
Tracy from KITS Fox Club Speaking on the Next Plans of their Club
They were also connected with an Open Source Community Swecha and are planning for an event in their College to spread the Openness, firefox projects in the entire city.
Nipun, Sharing his experience with Mozilla Firefox Browser and his designing Contribution towards Community.
Nipun, Sharing his experience with Mozilla Firefox Browser and his designing Contribution towards Community.
So, we have discussed about what are the things can be done in the event and Sessions on Maker Party, TeachTheWeb, FirefoxOS and developing apps for it.
Finally, we had a MozQuiz, where we asked them to speak on their favorite topic of today's meet. We gave some Swag as an encouragement to all the attendees.
Tracy and Pavan, FSA's from KITSW Firefox Club
The new guys were very much excited about the next things in their college.
Outcome :
3 Active Contributors
3 New Contributors
2 Firefox Club Launch (to be done)
We also got an awesome Contributor Nipun Dumpala, who have been helping in making logos, badges and designs for the Mozilla Warangal Community. Thanks Nipun.
Nipun's Work can viewed here
And Finally, we had a selfie :D

A Selfie with Mozillians
A Selfie with Mozillians
Flickr Link : Click here for Photos 

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Mozilla Representative,

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Contributing to Mozilla Stumbler

Hello Everyone!

Its been a long time i am writing a blog, this time it is about my contribution towards Mozilla Location Services. I have attended Mozilla India Task Force Team Meetup organized between May 9-10 2015 in Bangalore and was super excited to be a part of Mozilla Geolocation Task Force Team.

Contributing to MLS ( Mozilla Location Services) is very easy. What you need to do is just go to Play Store (or Google Play) , search with "mozilla stumbler", download the app and install it.

Now, that you have downloaded the app, just open the app and keep it running when you move to any place. This app will automatically get different reports of the locations like MLS Location, Cell Networks, WiFi reports.

Guys, if you are interested and want to learn more about this, you can go to MLS and once you start sending the reports, you can see your name on the Leaderboard 

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Mozilla Representative
Geolocation Task Force Team


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Maker Party SVCE

Maker Party SVCE is organized on Oct 18th 2014, at Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, Bangalore. An enthusiastic Mozillian "Nishchal Gautam" from SVCE college reached me to organize a maker party in their college. Then we made a plan to organize this maker party.

Event Name : Maker Party SVCE

Event Link on Reps Portal : https://reps.mozilla.org/e/maker-party-svce/

Venue : Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka.

                                          Event Poster 

I Started with my fellow mozillians Hemanth  and Bhargav in the morning and reached the venue by 10:00 AM .  The Organizers came to receive us and accompanied till the Auditorium.

                                           #MozSelfie ;) (Right to Left- Ajay, Bhargav, Hemanth)

 We also met Head of the Department of Computer Science in their college and we got a lot of support from them in organizing this event and future events as well.

 We also met an open source enthusiast and a member of FSMK (Free Software Movement Karnataka) Mr.Vijay and he also joined us in spreading the word as an open source as he does always.

Initially, an introduction of speakers to the audience was given by me to everyone and gave a clear picture of the agenda that we had planned for them on that day.

Vijay started with Introduction to Open Source by relating with the real time examples of the open source products which included funny examples too, where the audience became more excited!!!

Thus, it was my chance now to make their excitement reach to the peak by introducing them to the Mozilla by the Mozilla Story and then the Mission of the mozilla.

I continued with the Products of the mozilla and then showing them the newly designed page of Get Involved page of Mozilla, which tells how to contribute and what to contribute depending upon their interest.

Showing about the different kinds of projects to them, we moved on to the Webmaker Project and told them about the amazing tools using which they can create, remix, design webpages and create videos using popcorn maker and apps using appmaker.

Initially, we told them to register on the webmaker portal by signing in using persona. Also told them what is persona? and how it works. They were really excited about the persona login. They have created their user profiles on webmaker portal. Since, it was Lunch time, we gave a break for the lunch and informed to come back after lunch.

Post-Lunch, it was really surprising that the attendees are already present and started using the tools. We gave demos on the each tool and then told them to remix the Webpages, create the videos and hack the pages using x-ray goggles. Due to time constraint, we couldn't move on appmaker. We gave them some time and them to remix the webpages and submit in google form.

It was surprising that we got plenty of makes from them. Moving on, i spoke on the Maker Party and how it is organized globally with number of mozillians through out the world. I have displayed the Maker Party Video which i had with me.

List of Makes can be found here : Webmaker Profiles and makes

Later, i continued with FSA Program, introduced them to the FSA Program, like what is this and how it works and the structure, activities, benefits being an FSA. The thimble make by TJLee was very useful to me in explaning them. Thanks to TJLee.

 FSA Beginners Guide

Then, we had an Q&A session, where we gave them swag for them who answered the questions and later collected the feedback from them. Distributed Swags to all the attendees and they were very happy to see the Laptop Stickers and Badges. The Feedback Video can be seen here  .

Moving on, we had a Photo Session with the participants and it was really fun meeting them and sharing the knowledge with them. The Organizers and the FSA team were very happy for organizing this and wants to organize more such events from Mozilla.

Then we bid a good-bye to them by saying "Bye-Bye Mozillians".

More Images can be found on Flickr here

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Mozilla Reps

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Firefox OS App Days at VIT University - Vellore

Hola Amigos!!

This Blogpost is about sharing my experiences of Firefox OS App Days organized by Mozilla India Community in VIT University, Vellore,India on Sep 27-28 2014.

Event Name : Firefox OS App Days at VIT University - Vellore

Event Link : https://reps.mozilla.org/e/firefox-os-app-days-at-vit-university-vellore-1/

Event Venue : Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

It was Sep 27th , i started my journey in the morning via bus to reach the awesome venue VIT University. When i reached the venue, the awesome mozillians Santosh, Rishav, Harsha, Asrith were already came and were waiting for me. Since the event as per the plan should be started in the afternoon. We had our lunch and went to the Auditorium where our audience were waiting for us for the 24 hour hackathon.

Harsha, started his session by introducing the mozilla, its mission, projects and products to the audience. Also shown the videos related to mozilla and one of the video was " I am a Mozillian" which was the summary of Summit 2013, i shared my experiences of Mozilla Summit as i was one of the attendee of it.

Later, the awesome Webmaker+Appmaker tools are introduced by Rishav and Santosh. All the attendees had signed up and started using tools of webmaker and then Rishav shown the demo on the appmaker to them and then we gave them 1 hour time to create makes using Appmaker tool. After completion of Appmaker

After Appmaker, we gave a tea break which was for around 45 min and since it was a techno cutlural fest, we moved to different stalls and watched all the innovative stuff over there.

After the break, we had an ice breaking session and then moved with Firefox OS Session by Rishav and Santosh.
Later, a session on HTML and CSS by me and Rishav was followed in the night and Javascript session after it. Rishav was very enthusiastic even though it was midnight.

And even the audience were interested in developing apps and they sat whole night and till morning 6 am they developed apps.

Few Clicks of the night

Then, we gave a break to the students to have some refreshments, breakfast. After 1 and half hour we again Again we gave time to them to complete their apps till lunch and we helped them to complete their apps by using API's .
We told them to complete apps before lunch and then showcase their apps by giving a demo on the app they built.

After completion of their demos, it was very tough for us to decide and choose the winners of the appdays and finally we selected three best apps of the event and gave them the Firefox OS Phones to them.

                                             "Winners of the 24 hours hackathon"

After completion of the event, we had a feedback session and the feedback we got was really awesome from them. Many Students were the beginners and they learnt a lot in very less span of time.

The Speakers including me, Santosh, Rishav and Harsha were honoured with token of appreciation.
I have the bus just after the completion of event and left back to home. It was really a big experience for me as well as the complete AppDays Team and it was great working with the Developer Engagement Team. Kudos to Santosh, Harsha and Rishav  :)

Flickr : https://www.flickr.com/photos/ajayjogawath/sets/72157648606094178/ 

Best Regards
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Mozilla Reps

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Developer Bootcamp Indore

Hello Everyone!!

I am here to share my experiences of the event where i was invited as a speaker to give talk on Mozilla's mission, projects, products and Firefox OS.

Event Name : Developer Bootcamp Indore

Event Date : Sep 6th 2014,

Event Venue : Indore Institute of Science and Technology, Indore, M.P.

                                                          Event Poster

This event was well planned by Santosh Viswanatham, Kumar Rishav and Mayur Patil, but unfortunately due to some reasons, Mayur and Santosh couldn't make for this event.

 Event on Reps Portal : https://reps.mozilla.org/e/developer-bootcamp-indore/

As Santosh and Mayur cannot make to this event, Santosh asked me if i am available on that particular date to speak on Mozilla's Mission, Projects and Firefox OS. As a mozillian, i always love to speak on mozilla's mission, openness and projects. I accepted this invitation from Santosh and Planned to speak on Mozilla at Indore Institute of Science and Technology, Indore. I am thankful to Santosh, Mayur and Rishav for giving me chance to speak there on behalf of Mozilla.

Santosh connected me to the local Organizer Shubham Geete who helped me for the next tasks for the event.

It was Sep 5 2014, my tickets got booked and i started in the morning at 5:00 A.M. to the Bangalore Airport. It took almost 10-12 hours of journey to reach the awesome place Indore. I was really feeling refreshed when i stepped out of the Indore Airport. Then, in no time, i reached hotel, got fresh and met Shubham in the evening. We have sorted out the plan and proceedings of the event and checked whether if anything is missing in the event.

Sep 6 2014 - Indore Institute of Science and Technology

I reached the venue with shubham, who was the local mozillian and whole and sole responsible for the event. Kumar Rishav, Speaker on Firefox OS also reached the Venue and then the event started.

The Event Started with introduction of Speakers and i am glad to be a speaker and sitting on the Stage with the college management.

               On Stage with College Management and Kumar Rishav

Then, it moved with lighting of lamp and then started with the sessions.

                                                      Lighting of Lamp 

Then, i started with Introduction of Mozilla, clearly explaining on What is Open Source? What is Open Web? What is Mozilla ? Getting Involved with Mozilla. It was a huge crowd and amazing audience who were very co-operative and enthusiastic to answer the Questions when asked to them.

                     Amazing Audience 

My Session

                                        Me ( Ajay ) in Action

Meanwhile, Shafique, a local mozillian, community leader from Indore and Rahul Talreja, a mozillian from Bhopal Community and an awesome speaker on Appmaker joined us.

Later, introduced Shafique and Rahul to the Audience. Shafique, who is well known to the Indore Community, introduced himself in the regional language making the audience more comfortable with the speakers.

Shafique Patni, Indore Community Leader

Interacted with the audience and asked few questions to them and gave swag to the one who answered correctly.

Now, its time to switch to Firefox OS, Bugzilla, Firefox Apps and Appmaker, so we shifted to the Lab and started with hands-on session. Now,it was Rishav's turn to make the audience feel the Power of Firefox OS.

He Started with Bugzilla and shown them a hands-on how a bug works, how its created and how it helps.

Kumar Rishav's awesome session attracted the developer audience and this made the session very interactive.

Later, started a session on App Development and finally we made them to make their first ever app. "A Firefox App"

        Later, we had our Lunch with the awesome mozillians and the organizing team.

Later, we moved back to the lab after the "MozLunch" , there was a session on Appmaker by Rahul Talreja and he made the session so awesome with his live examples and the audience were successful in developing apps using appmaker.

After the appmaker session, we have cleared the queries that the audience had and finally had the closing ceremony by the College management. All the Speaker were honoured with Memento, an award of appreciation from the college, and we were happy to receive it from them.

Later, we had a group pic with all the participants, organizers and all the mozillians.

Finally, i would like to thank some of the awesome people without whom this event cannot be a success.
[1] Santosh, Mayur and Rishav for Planning the event.
[2] Shubham for taking the complete responsibility
[3] College Management for their Support
[4] Shafique and Rahul for their Sessions and Support
[5] And Yes, the awesome audience without whom this event couldn't happen.

Flickr Link :  https://www.flickr.com/photos/ajayjogawath/sets/72157647111660609/

Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath,
Mozilla Representative,
Mozilla India


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