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Firefox OS App Days at VIT University - Vellore

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This Blogpost is about sharing my experiences of Firefox OS App Days organized by Mozilla India Community in VIT University, Vellore,India on Sep 27-28 2014.

Event Name : Firefox OS App Days at VIT University - Vellore

Event Link : https://reps.mozilla.org/e/firefox-os-app-days-at-vit-university-vellore-1/

Event Venue : Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

It was Sep 27th , i started my journey in the morning via bus to reach the awesome venue VIT University. When i reached the venue, the awesome mozillians Santosh, Rishav, Harsha, Asrith were already came and were waiting for me. Since the event as per the plan should be started in the afternoon. We had our lunch and went to the Auditorium where our audience were waiting for us for the 24 hour hackathon.

Harsha, started his session by introducing the mozilla, its mission, projects and products to the audience. Also shown the videos related to mozilla and one of the video was " I am a Mozillian" which was the summary of Summit 2013, i shared my experiences of Mozilla Summit as i was one of the attendee of it.

Later, the awesome Webmaker+Appmaker tools are introduced by Rishav and Santosh. All the attendees had signed up and started using tools of webmaker and then Rishav shown the demo on the appmaker to them and then we gave them 1 hour time to create makes using Appmaker tool. After completion of Appmaker

After Appmaker, we gave a tea break which was for around 45 min and since it was a techno cutlural fest, we moved to different stalls and watched all the innovative stuff over there.

After the break, we had an ice breaking session and then moved with Firefox OS Session by Rishav and Santosh.
Later, a session on HTML and CSS by me and Rishav was followed in the night and Javascript session after it. Rishav was very enthusiastic even though it was midnight.

And even the audience were interested in developing apps and they sat whole night and till morning 6 am they developed apps.

Few Clicks of the night

Then, we gave a break to the students to have some refreshments, breakfast. After 1 and half hour we again Again we gave time to them to complete their apps till lunch and we helped them to complete their apps by using API's .
We told them to complete apps before lunch and then showcase their apps by giving a demo on the app they built.

After completion of their demos, it was very tough for us to decide and choose the winners of the appdays and finally we selected three best apps of the event and gave them the Firefox OS Phones to them.

                                             "Winners of the 24 hours hackathon"

After completion of the event, we had a feedback session and the feedback we got was really awesome from them. Many Students were the beginners and they learnt a lot in very less span of time.

The Speakers including me, Santosh, Rishav and Harsha were honoured with token of appreciation.
I have the bus just after the completion of event and left back to home. It was really a big experience for me as well as the complete AppDays Team and it was great working with the Developer Engagement Team. Kudos to Santosh, Harsha and Rishav  :)

Flickr : https://www.flickr.com/photos/ajayjogawath/sets/72157648606094178/ 

Best Regards
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Mozilla Reps

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