Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Start with Mozilla


This is Ajay Kumar Jogawath from Mozilla Club Warangal posting about my experiences in contribution to Mozilla.

My Journey towards Mozilla Started when I was invited to my Colleague Imran's Event MOZPARTY @ WARANGAL
This event was  celebrated as end of the mozilla summer code party campaign. This event mainly concentrates on mozilla's mission, it's products and it web maker projects.
In this event I got to know about the Webmaker projects like Thimble , Hackasaurus and Popcorn .Those were really awesome designing webpages using Thimble and hackasaurus look liked a magic and popcorn to make cool videos. 

Imran and Hema Mozilla Reps from Mozilla Club Warangal(also my colleagues) explained about the  Thimble, Hackasaurus and Popcorn. All the attendees were very much excited.This cake was the remark of my first Mozilla event as an attendee and also we have a group pic of all attendees .
From Right to left  Kranthi,Maniraj,Hemanth,Ajay, Imran,Swetha,Hema,Poojitha and Ramya
We all had a great time learning the tools and had lots of fun . Had a Great Time :)
More Experiences with Mozilla coming soon....

 Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath

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