Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mozilla Meetup - A Pre-inaugural Meetup for KITS Fox Club

Hello Everyone,

I am here to share you all about the meetup held on February 11th 2014. Today, we had an informal meetup with mozillians of KITS Warangal. So, the mozillians wanted to inaugurate the Firefox Club i.e., KITS Fox Club Offcially. So, they had many questions about the mozilla and all stuff.

So, Mozilla Reps Hema Bhanu spoke about Open Source, Open Web and made them know about Open Source. Then it was my turn to speak, introduced about the open source project i.e., Mozilla to them, I spoke about What is Mozilla, its mission and projects of mozilla, they were very much interested and excited to start their contribution in mozilla.

It was really a great interaction with all the enthusiasts of mozilla. We had Pujith, Spoorthy, Keerthi, Indraneel, Anusha and Satheesh and they were like very much interested to contribute in mozilla. we wished them for getting into open source and we are planning a inauguration of their club in college. Eagerly waiting for that event. Then we had a group photo at the end of meetup. 

Thanks Hemanth and Bhargav for always being support for me and Hema Bhanu (Mozilla Reps) for motivating the new mozillians.

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Flick Link : Images of Meetup

Ajay Kumar Jogawath 
Firefox Student Ambassador,
Club Lead,
Jayamukhi Firefox Club

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