Friday, July 4, 2014

Webmaker India IRC Meet July 4 2014

Hola Amigos,

Today i would like to share my experiences regarding the IRC meet that was organized by Dyvik.
This meet was really productive and nearly 25 mozillians(reps,FSA's and Webmaker contributors) have participated in the IRC Meet.

Link to the Etherpad :

WebmakerIndia IRC Meet is an IRC Meeting where the mission is to spread about the mozilla webmaker project and organize the maker parties throughout India. Maker Parties are events which help us to learn, teach, share and make innovative things using the Webmaker tools like Thimble, Popcorn and X-ray goggles.This is a 6-day IRC meet where we will be solving the issues faced by newbies and those who wants to host maker parties in their region.

The main mission of this IRC Meeting is to make awareness regarding the Webmaker Project throughout the India (29 States and 600 districts ) and organize the maker parties which is going to be kick-off from July 15- Sep 15 2014

Many newbies have attended this and we were successful in answering the queries like how to join webmaker, how to organise a webmaker event. how to host maker parties,etc..,.

Dyvik said about how webmaker is different from other projects

  •  A remix button for everything
  •  A Gallery of makes
  • Common Publishing
  • User Accounts
  • Unique URL's and hosting 

 Also, the concept of Womoz evolved because there are very few womoz in our country and we are planning for the Womoz Webmaker Parties too and that will be updated soon in the above etherpad.

Etherpad Link :

Finally, i thank Dyvik for organizing and all other mozillians, reps and webmaker mentors and newbies who have participated in the IRC Meet and made this meet very productive.

 Best Regards,
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Webmaker Mentor

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