Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Maker Party" with My Students

Hola Amigos,

This Blog is about  sharing my experience  of my event Maker Party with My Students. The Maker Party Started at 6:00 P.M. The Maker Party was with the students whom I teach daily School Subjects. But this day was for Mozilla. I explained about What Mozilla is and its browser and also the projects and products of Mozilla.
Later I started explaining about Webmaker Project and tools(thimble , hackasaurus and popcorn).
The Attendees were
1) Harish
2) Arun
3) Ramu
4) Aditya
5) Kamal
6) Sai
7) Akash
8) Prem

I started showing the example of how to create a make by signing into a persona account. Then after showing aditya was very much excited to create a webpage. But he was stucked and asked me on what topic shall I create webpage.

Students asking to me about mozilla
 Aditya said lets start now itself I want to create a webpage now. We started creating the webpage by adding the image of firefox os logo and some information regarding the firefox os we collected and created webpage. After seeing the output, he was very happy and started shouting "Yahoo!!! I Created Webpage , I created webpage for the first time ". I can see lots of excitement in him.

Student, Aditya creating webpage using thimble
He was surprised to see how can easily make webpage here, and webpage preview show simultaneously.

webpage created by him
Since it was raining here, there was a power cut, i couldn't continue the session, but students were very much excited about this Maker Party and they want more parties to be conducted so that they can also create webpages on their own.

Successfully done web maker party
 Students Experiences:

  •      Ramu said " Webmaker projects and tools are really amazing"
  •      Harish said that " i want to work for Mozilla by involving in webmaker projects"
  •      Arun said " I am waiting for the Firefox Operating System launch in India" 
Finally the event was a kickoff with schools students. Thanks Mozilla #MozillaFirefox #TeachTheWeb  #MakerParty #MozillaClubWarangal

-Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Proud Mozillian

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