Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mozilla Community Meetup and Action Plan 2014

Hola Amigos,

This blog is regarding the Mozilla community meetup which was held on Dec 28th 2013 at Bits & Bytes Institute, Hanamkonda, Warangal.
Facebook Event Page: Mozilla Meetup Warangal

Many Mozillians turned up to the meet and started with introduction of everyone. We introduced each other with our past experiences with Mozilla,and our contribution in various projects. Even the new mozillians who turned up for the meet introduced themselves and shared their passion in Mozilla.

Later, we started with the Action Plan of 2014

      "Action Plan 2014"

1.Get more code contributors
2.Increase the number of Reps to improve proper mentorship
3.Improve the global outreach to mozillians blog and MCW Facebook Group
4.Increase the number of people literate about the web and higher number of open source contributions
5.Increase the number of big events to be held to at least 4 a year
6.Application level milestones
7.Increase the number of users of Dev Tools and Firefox
8.Increasing contributors in the field of Publicity and marketing
9.Involve more people into Mozilla’s vision and mission
10.Firefox App Dev Rockstars

We also divided the projects into teams and any of the mozillian who is experienced with the project gonna lead that project so that it will be easy for the newbies to get into their interested project. Here is the image of the teams we made.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           After discussing about the action plan we started with the problems faced regularly by the community and started noting them on the board and the list was as follows

1) How to get started 
2) Publicity & Team
3) No of events
4) Outreach
5) Expansion of Community
6) Social Media
7) Communal Mentor for newbies
8) FSA Program
9) Retain Contributors
10) community mailing list
11) Specific Points of Contact
12) Mozilla.org
13) Content Management System (CMS)
14) womoz
15) Stars/Icons
16) Event Managing
17) Firefox OS Apps 
18) Web dev Team l10
19) Own Budget

After noting the problems we started resolving each problem by knowing each other views that what has to be done to improve the community.
Then we discussed about retaining the contributors.Reasons for not having regular meetups and low attendance in meetups, discussed about that.

Finally we discussed about the 4 big events which MCW is planning this year which includes a big outreach program for all the colleges in Warangal though we planned to conduct outreach program in every college in every month(min 2 colleges). Next we planned for another big event,a WoMoZ event which includes app development and guest lectures and then App-days and a training event for all the FSA's. We planned during which months we need to organize these and we also have dates fixed in the dairy.   Then we had a group photo of all attendees.

Images of Meetup

This meetup was very much useful because we could finally make the road map for the community and execute it as per the plan we made. Thanks to all for attending the meet and making it a worthful meet and special thanks to hemanth for the Venue because we were badly in need of venue, Thanks Hemanth!!!!!! and  yea finally Happy Prosperous New Year to all :) :)

Best Regards
Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Proud Mozillian

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