Saturday, January 18, 2014

Firefox OS App Days @ Firefox Club SNIST

It was Jan 18th and Firefox OS App Days in Hyderabad. I with my fellow FSA Bhargav started from Warangal to Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad. We reached there prior to the start of the event. There i met Vineel ReddySrikar AnanthulaSrikanth Namu (Mozilla Reps) and Santosh, FSA from Sreenidhi Institute.

As usual the inauguration started by littting the candle and then Dignitaries from college gave talks on the appdays and then Vineel Sir spoke on the Mozilla Community and then Srikar addressed the gathering.

Later, as per the agenda

Srikar started with Introduction to Mozilla and then introduction to HTML5 session by Raghu and then Introduction to Firefox OS by Jay Kashyap

During the Lunch Session Vineel Sir and all FSA's had a small gathering in which all FSA's in and around hyderabad have introduced themselves and asked queries they have regarding the FSA Program.

Later we had the lunch and then the coding fun has started everyone started discussing about the app and then started developing apps.

One Student was very much excited to know about the FSA club and its activities and he interacted with me for half an hour about how to get into Mozilla Projects and then how to grow a local community

I explained him about the structure of the FSA Program which is listed on the Mozilla Wiki Page.
Then it was the time for Firefox Dinner and we all had a north + south Indian dinner With Roti,Sabji and Biryani.

This was the #FirefoxDinner Moment where all the Organising team of SNIST Firefox Club along with Mozillians from Hyderabad and Warangal were having the dinner.

After dinner, inorder to continue the interest we played some TED talks and some interesting games were played inorder to make everyone awake and do coding for their firefox apps.

In the morning, the apps came as a surprise!!! There were 16 apps which were given demos by 16 teams and were uploaded into Firefox MarketPlace and it was time for distributing the goodies (#swag)
Later a cake was ordered previously and we got it at the exact time after completion of event. Then everyone had cake and then had some quick group photos with Organizing team ICC(pronounced as Team IC Square) and with the head of College and all the participants. Finally the event was a great success. Congrats to Firefox Club SNIST.
Here we have
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