Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Experiences as a Firefox Student Ambassador

Hola Amigos!!!

I am Ajay Kumar Jogawath, a mozillian and now a "Firefox Student Ambassador" too. I got to know about the Firefox Student Ambassador few months ago and got registered for it. Recently When the complete program was restructured as the first five activities of FSA(Firefox Student Ambassadors) , i got a clarity about the program and started with the first activity

I got to introduced to mozilla with a
1) Mozilla Story
2) Mozilla Manifesto 
3)Projects in Mozilla
4)Webmaker Project
5)Support Mozilla

Then i did a thimble page of my biodata nothing about introduction about myself.
Here is the Thimble Page  https://ajay-jogawath.makes.org/thimble/my-biodata

Later, i made myself social by liking the facebook page of Firefox Student Ambassadors , following FSA on Twitter @mozstudents and the Google+ Community.

 I have attended Firefox OS App Days and have interacted with the FSA's of Other Cities and discussed about what activities are exactly happening in their Firefox Club and many of them didn't do anything till now and were asking what is the very first thing that need to be done. The Best Part of this event was i met Vineel sir who guided us on our questions and queries. Thanks a lot to Vineel Sir.

When i checked the FSA Directory for a Firefox Club, i can see that a club is already registered with a name called "Jayamukhi Firefox Club". Then i joined in that club as a member.

After doing these five activities i claimed for an open badge and then got a cool open badge for FSA

Firefox Student Ambassador Badge


Thanks Kate for sending such an awesome badge. Completed my next activity too and this short story will reward me a Certificate of Identification . Thanks Mozilla

Ajay Kumar Jogawath
Firefox Student Ambassador
Proud Mozillian

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